Monday, July 7, 2008

New Additions to Westgate Hotel

At my recent stay in the Westgate Hotel in Myrtle Beach I noticed that the hotel is undergoing some major changes. The resort is building and addition right next to the one that is already available and will be open some time next year. This addition will add over one hundred new rooms and also will be including a new pool for the guests.

This addition is only one of the several phases that will be undergone in the near future. The resort will be totally changed and a new larger, more efficient Westgate Hotel will emerge with new pools and recreational facilities for added enjoyment. In my last stay over the 4th of july holiday they had daily festivities all over the grounds including pool activities and a DJ with live music. The Hotel also offers many discounts to attractions around the Myrtle Beach Area including, resturants, concierge services and even free photo sessions for the entire family.

This added to the already great customer service and great rates on multiplies the enjoyment of your beach trip. Westgate has really gone the extra mile in making sure your stay is as good as possible and when the new additions are finished it will be one of the most sought after hotels on the entire Grand Strand. It is TRULY! the complete vacation destination in Myrtle Beach.

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beauty said...

Looks like a wonderful hotel, please can you show a few more pictures?

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